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Wool reaction

Hi guys*

Alot of people mistakenly believe that they are allergic to wool.  And
indeed they do suffer from a mild to very severe reaction when they come in
contact with commercially prepared wool as do some animals.

I spin and weave with wool and alot of times the reaction these people
suffer is not from the wool but from the chemicals used to process the fiber
and the chemicals used to prevent moth infestation.  Not to say that some
people are not truly allergic to the wool itself but the numbers are alot
less than you might think.  I was teaching a lady to spin a week ago or so
and she has VERY delicate and sensitive skin and she was apprehensive about
handling the wool. She has had severe reactions in the past.   But after an
hour or more still no reaction.  The wool she was spinning had been prepared
by me straight off of the sheep.  No chemicals.  I don't know if this will
help anyone but thought you might like to hear it anyway.

If you have a horse that shows a reaction to a wool blanket you might try
washing the blanket *several* times in Dawn dish washing liquid and making
sure that you rinse it at least 4 times.  This should help remove the

Or you could take up weaving and make your own:)

Just food for thought.


    Check it Out!    

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