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Re: World War Two Horse-Hero's Great-Grand-Son Found Living In Obscurity In Pittsburgh Suburb (Long)

There's a great book (biography) about him (Witez II) called "And Miles to
Go" which is out of print now, but tells the story. Read it from the
library years ago, and have been looking for it for over a year. It put a
permanent soft spot in my heart for Polish Arabs.

Linda and "The Joker"

> From: Susie Wimberly <>
> To:
> Subject: World War Two Horse-Hero's Great-Grand-Son Found Living In
Obscurity In Pittsburgh Suburb (Long)
> Date: Sunday, July 26, 1998 19:24
> Okay, RideCampers:
> You get two e-mails from Susie & Tez tonight, and that's it!
> Y'all went to the endurance rides this weekend.  Tez & I & the
> legendary trail dog Reilly O'Dog (under-the-weather, but recovering)
> stayed home.  
> We were bored, so we spent some hours in the Arabian horse pages on
> the Internet, learning stuff, boning up on our Arabian horse culture.
> I bought Tez in 1995 from a show barn.  Lotsa glitz, NSH awards, all
> sorts of nominated horses, gruelling travel schedules, impatient
> trainers.  I went to this recognized Arabian horse farm to purchase a
> seasoned, well trained, discipline, well behaved, trustworthy ten year
> old Arabian mare.  You know, terrific horse for any owner, especially
> an idiot like me.
> I left the barn in possession of a good-looking, spirited, amiable 4
> year old bay gelding under saddle for 6 months.  Not under saddle
> working cattle, mind-you.  Under saddle training in a round-ring,
> living in a padded cell, three Western pleasure shows under his belt. 
> You know, routine!
> I purchased Tez because - in the presence of two prospective clients
> and 6 barn employees, trainers, etc., he managed to sneak a nip at my
> b--b without their catching it (but they were all RIGHT THERE).  Very
> agile, very sneaky, very cute.  Deliberately -- "who me??  Naaah!"
> What I now own is a seven year old endurance prospect with a heart as
> large as all of Pennsylvania, a nice body, strong tendons, good
> hooves, and horse-mind with a great deal of independence in it.
> And, I've wondered for three years - who is this guy in my barn?  And
> why do I like him so much?
> Well, accidentally, I came across an article on the net about a
> stallion named *Witez II.  You know the line?  Ofir?  Kuhailan Haifi? 
> *Bask++?
> I read the article.  I pulled Tez's papers out of mothballs in the
> file cabinet.  I compared the article to his AHR certificate.
> I found two more articles, one of which deals with the athletic
> performance of *Witez II's get and grand-get.
> My jaw dropped.
> I had no idea!  Witez II, recued by General "blood n guts" Patton's
> troops from becoming dog meat at the end of the war!  My boy's great
> grand-dad.
> I told Tez all about it before our ride this afternoon. 
> He took it in stride - in one ear & out the other.
> My legacy munches on and needs to have his whiskers trimmed.
> Now, one of the Arabian breeding farms out west has a new little
> cousin of Tez's, a black filly just foaled in May of this year. 
> Trisha.  Boy, do I need this?  Somebody stop me!
> Susie & EA Tezzeray (& Reilly O'Dog)
> P.S.  Hope Y'all had successful competitions this weekend, and who
> accomplished what on the trail (ride updates)?
> _________________________________________________________
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