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One responsible teen!!!

O.K. Everybody who is out there worrying about the "Youth of today"  If
you've been following this fundraiser, you know that 16 year old Libby
Varno pledged money for Betsy to go to the symposium.  Since we made a
little extra I suggested that she keep it, since it's tough to be a
teenager and try to save any cash.  Here's her reply:


I am gonna send that money.  Me, working a minimum wage job means I only
worked an hour for that, and working a hour is definatly worth keeping
all our trails open.  I live for trail riding! (That is why I have a job
in the first place!)

The check is in the mail! (I always wanted to say that!)


O.K. Libby, if you EVER need a sponsor, you know you can ask me.

Angie McGhee

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