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Coming from someone who does more crewing than riding, getting up at 2 AM
to feed is part of the job.  If your crew refuses to roll out of bed for
15 minutes to throw some hay you need a new crew.

I do have to admit, though, I really like crewing for someone that
prefers to stick 3 or 4 meals worth of hay in with their horse so it can
munch all night long.  Then when we get up in the morning we just feed

The whole idea behind having a crew is to make the day as easy as
possible for the rider.  Lots of riders have enough trouble sleeping as
it is, they should stay in bed as long as they can.  

As an aside, look at it this way, the more you pamper your rider the more
they feel obligated to help you out when you go on vacation and need
someone to look after your horse (and you don't have to pay them!).


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