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Starting older horse

Your problem has many facits, (1.) The mare is in poor condition,(2.) She is
pregnant (3.) she has a foal at her side.  

First things first, you need to get the mare up to weight, the vet needs to
inspect her and you need to follow the vets reconmendations to the letter.
After the filly is weaned and the mare is back in fleash again. Your riding
of her needs to be slow and easy. You would be wise to work her on the trail
at a walk first and eventually ease up to a trot until she is in condition.
It will help her greatly if you use intervil training, that is where you
work one day and not the next or even in the beginning maybe only every
third day.  You should not work to the point of her being exhausted, there
is no benifit in the beginning of working her to the bone. 

(most horses can and do walk at about 4 miles per hour) That comes to about
15 minutes per mile, so with this horse you might want to walk her out
one-half hour and back the same, so she has worked for one hour and gone 4
miles. If necessary in the beginning, hand walk her, this is very bonding
and has a calming effect for both of you. Then gradually over time increase
the distance but not the speed.  Then eventually add some troting, and going
up and down some hills.  I cannot stress enought to take your time with her,
by Arab standards she is a young horse and has many miles to give you.

Bonnie Cashmere

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