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Re: sidepull

Depends. The bridle broke on a recent ride on our green-spooky mare.
So I just took what was left off, stuffed the bit in the saddle bag
and hooked the reins around her neck and kept going. Only noticable
difference was sloppy steering and brakes. You could give it a try in
an arena or pen first to see how it works out. You might be surprised.

I start ours out with a halter,leather bosal or snaffle, one day
perhaps they can graduate  to a curb. None have received any training
in neck reining, but they do yield to the leg.

---spencer <> wrote:
> Does the horse have to be well trained in neck reining to be able to
> this setup??  I have used a mechanical hackamore in past but am
doing ok
> with snaffle for the 25s.  Am considering some sort of bit less bridle
> setup in near future.  Thanks,  Mary Ann, Tx

Nicco Murphy - Poway, San Diego, CA

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