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Re: Selenium

In a message dated 98-07-21 08:49:52 EDT, writes:

<< On one side of the line said "Low", the other side
 said "Dangerously High".  >>

Here in the West, there are some spots like that, too--a couple of small areas
of Nevada, some areas of Wyoming, etc. Tested a herd of cows from down around
the Nevada line one time--all ranged from marginal to low, but one tested at
about 4 times high normal!   They had been ranging just a few miles from one
of the selenium "hot spots" and I always wondered if she had gotten into the
wrong range allotment for awhile...  She remains the ONLY animal I have gotten
a high reading on in 17 years of practice here, though, and we supplement very
aggressively, as you all know by now...


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