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Re: Selenium

>Being in Louisville, Kentucky... I'm curious, which side of that line 
>high and which side is low?

Looking at the chart again, it looks like the NE USA, and down through
the Appalachians is low.  Also the Pacific NW & FLA and the coastal
regian up the Atlantic Coastal area.  Now that I look at it, it's sort of
hard to tell the difference between their spread dots that mean
"variable" and their bigger dots that mean "Dangerously High".  Looks
like Central and western Kentucky and Tennessee are in the "Variable"
area. All of Texas is in the "Adequate" range, as is Oklahoma, LA., and
most of Mississippi. Looks like it's just little isolated areas in the
Central and Western states that have the "Dangerously High" spots.  The
Chart is on page 13 of the August issue.


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