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Re: Selenium

Hey Angie,

Being in Louisville, Kentucky... I'm curious, which side of that line is
high and which side is low?

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From: Angela C. McGhee <>
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Date: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 8:52 AM
Subject: Re: Selenium

>Hi Sarah,
>I've been told for years that my area was in deficite, but when we gave
>even the recommended dosage, the hooves went to pot.  Now I don't dose at
>Then in this month's issue of Equus, I see that we fall on the line,
>(Chattanooga, TN)  On one side of the line said "Low", the other side
>said "Dangerously High".  Think I'll just let it ride.
>On Tue, 21 Jul 1998 08:33:02 -0400 (EDT) RALSTON@AESOP.RUTGERS.EDU
>>A word of caution on selenium: not all areas
>>are deficient in selenium! Feeding 8 mg/day to
>>horses in areas like colorado, wyoming and even pennsylvania
>>(!) can result in toxicity: loss of mane and tail hair,
>>horizontal cracks around the hooves, and, in extreme cases,
>>sloughing of the lower hoof! It appears that Florida and
>>Heidi' areas are the most extreme in their deficits. Blood
>>analysis is notoriously tricky for selenium-be careful!!
>>Sarah Ralston, VMD, PhD, dACVN
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