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<< I am interested in Dr. Smith's statement that a horses requires 8 mg/d -
this seems too high given anything I've read about it.  Can Dr. Smith or other
vets please check this and discuss it? >>

The 8-10 mg daily requirement came out of Oregon State U several years ago.
We have used it for years in designing rations, and have found that horses fed
at that level in our area barely get blood values up into the normal range, so
apparently it is fairly accurate.  Supplements such as Northwest, Horsegard,
etc. generally have 2 to 2-1/2 mg per serving, so only provide a quarter of
the daily requirement.  We often supplement EqU-SeE at a level to provide 5-6
mg per day, and I have yet to have a horse test at more than low normal.  I
have had MANY horses test very deficiently when being supplemented only the 2
to 2-1/2 mg daily.

Heidi Smith, DVM

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