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Fw: Endurance saddle

 	I have a very wide Arabian/Saddlebred mare and the wide tree Marciante
 fits her great!  I prefer a narrow twist as I am short and this saddle
 which I happened across used is just great.   There is very little bulky
 leather between you and the horse.  The leather is plain and supple which
 like, although I think they do make a plainly tooled version.   The seat
 very balanced.  I was immediately confortable in the saddle.  My mare
 spooked my first time trying the saddle and I didn't come close to losing
 it. They make a western or endurance version.  The saddle is very
 lite-weight and should be in your price range.  He has an ad in the back
 Equus each month (800)684-7433.

    Check it Out!    

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