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Re: Tevis Michigan Vet Stop

Following is the notice regarding the changes to the 1998 Participant Guide
that relate to the NO CREWS ALLOWED at Michigan Bluff checkpoint.   We will
have a "Gate" with a 15 minute hold after the horse reaches criteria.  The
60 minute hold has been moved to Foresthill Millsite.  Foresthill is a much
larger area and will allow crews to set up just about anywhere with no
hassle walking in lake HAD been done in the past at MB.  All traffic
attempting to go into Michigan Bluff will be turned away at the
Foresthill-Michigan Bluff Road.  Any people crewing for riders at MB will be
cause to disqualify the rider.

The Operating Plan with the USFS at Robinson Flat allows us to have crews
moved from the Ride Management Area as requested by the Head Volunteer or
his designee.  This usually happens when crews go in days before the event
and take over strategic spots.  One new thing at RF this year will be the
use of  BUSES to shuttle people from Sailor Flat (1.3 miles from RF) to the
drop-off area.  Passes have been issued to the entrants (247 thru 7-18-98)
and the numbers will be checked off in the campgrounds and at the Sailor
Flat "Bus Stop"... One Vehicle Pass per Rider.  There is plenty of place to
park at Sailor Flat and we suggest that crews "take the Bus".  Donations
will gladly be accepted to help defray the added costs to the Ride.  If we
don't have 100% cooperation from crews this year at RF, the USFS will
probably demand we make this very important check-point a No Crew Allowed
area in future years.  Let's ALL not let this happen.

Keep looking at our website at for updates.


Larry Suddjian, Ride Director

AUGUST 8, 1998


This year the Ride will have changes that may seem traumatic to some, but
after careful consideration by the Board of Governors, the following should
make the experience pleasurable by all:

1. ROBINSON FLAT ~ For the past few years the USFS has become increasingly
more concerned about the lack of cooperation from crews trying to access the
limited space at one of the most congested check-points of the Ride.  In
order that the privilege of vehicle access to this very important spot not
be withdrawn by the USFS we have established a policy of a maximum of one
(1) vehicle per starting rider admitted through the Sailor Flat "gate".
Each rider will be issued one VEHICLE PASS that will be checked by the
volunteers stationed on the road to Robinson Flat.  Persons without an
official vehicle pass will need to walk into Robinson Flat or hitch a ride
with someone that has a pass.  As always, NO TRAILERS OR MOTORHOMES will be
allowed access to Robinson Flat.  We recommend that large rigs and trailers
be parked at the Foresthill Millsite checkpoint.  We encourage crews to
carpool when considering meeting a rider at Robinson Flat.

2. MICHIGAN BLUFF ~ It was inevitable ... the Town of Michigan Bluff has
become to congested for crew access during the Ride.  At a meeting with the
majority of citizens, it was agreed that because of safety concerns for
fires, traffic, etc., the veterinary checkpoint would be NO CREWS ALLOWED as
we have at Devils Thumb, Deadwood, Francisco's, and Lower Quarry.  Traffic
will be turned away at the intersection of the Foresthill Road and the road
to Michigan Bluff.  Please do not try to get past our volunteers as this
violation of the NO CREWS ALLOWED rule will be grounds for disqualification
of the rider you are crewing for. All services at Michigan Bluff will be
provided by our volunteers like the other NO CREWS ALLOWED checkpoints.  The
riders and horses will be treated to food, drinks, hay, bran and the best
veterinary care anywhere in the world.  Horses that are pulled at this point
will be transported to Foresthill by our volunteers.  We are presently
working out the criteria, but tentatively, there will be a GATE-TO- HOLD of
15 minutes after reaching P & R.

3. FORESTHILL MILLSITE ~ One of the largest staging areas available to us
during the course of the Ride.  This year we will have a GATE-TO-HOLD
checkpoint similar to the process used at Robinson Flat.  The criteria has
not yet been confirmed, but we are considering a hold of 45 minutes after
reaching P&R. Space for crews, parking, veterinarians, media, food, water,
etc. is almost unlimited so we encourage your crews to set up a spot for
their viewing enjoyment.  The first horses will probably be in about 3:15
PM.  A map of the Millsite will be sent out with updates as we get closer to
Ride day.  In addition, we will post any notices at our website ~

Other changes that develop will be discussed in detail at the pre-Ride
briefing. It will be the riders responsibility to be aware of any last
minutes updates that are announced by Ride management.  Any questions can be
directed to us via Email:

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Larry Suddjian, Ride Director
701 High Street, Suite 228C
Auburn, CA 95603
fax: 530.823.7901

james dietz wrote:

> Hi Campers,
> Is it true? Residents of Michigan Bluff
> are requesting a change for the  one hour hold .  Is this being changed
> or is this just a rumor?  Has anybody heard about any problems?   Joanne
>   See you on the trail.

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