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Re: teaching a horse to be sure-footed

hi all, 
I'm trying to catch up on digests..(you'all don't make it easy 
** I hope nobody is allowing a horse to sore their feet to "teach" them 
not to stumble.  That is really asking for trouble..(and troubling to 
** Every horse has to learn to balance themselves under saddle and 
carry weight.  Tall weight.  Not really easy to do.  Just do the miles 
and you will both grow to trust each other (I hope).  
** Every horse has to learn to walk straight too..seems they have a 
stronger side than the other (like us).  
** Give them miles and time and don't forget to wander off the trail on 
purpose once in a while to smell (or eat) the flowers! <g>

Kimberly "don't eat that foxglove, Mystery!"
& Mystery the Morab.."hmmmmm, is that clover over there?"
Black Mtn Ranch, Pt.Reyes,CA


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