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Re: white hairs


My gelding developed some white hairs very quickly after I made a saddle
pad change with what I later learned was a too wide saddle.  Thankfully
they're all gone now.

(He also had two distinct parallel lines across the bridge of his nose when
I bought him.  Very slowly, they're fading as well.)

Cindy Eyler

At 08:55 PM 7/13/98 -0700, Suzanne Mounts wrote:
>Can anybody tell me approximately how long it takes riding in a particular
>saddle to create white hairs?  Can it happen in as little as two to three
>months of regular riding but nothing heavy duty?  My horse has been ridden
>in quite a few different saddles in the past few months, and this would help
>solve the mystery as to which one is the problem.

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