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Just listening in on the discussion of the gaited horses on the
Timberon.  It is 5 days?  How far do you ride each day?  I enjoy the
ride across Michigan which we do in 9 to 14 days (depending on which
ride and which group you travel with--they throw in layover days on some
crossings).  We travel camp to camp and the camps are spaced 20 to 35
miles apart along the trail.  It is getting to where the gaited horses
outnumber the non-gaited.  Plus, especially on the 14 day crossing,  it
is not unusual for parents or grandparents to cross with young children
riding small ponies.  Everyone rides their own pace but a well
conditioned pony is rarely at the back of the pack.

Donna Dochterman
Dokada Arabians

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