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     Is there a Stupid Busted Condition Award?  While fixing the center 
     divider in my two horse straight load so we could leave the ride site 
     (after pulling at 15.5 miles because of a lost shoe), I cracked my 
     head three times on the sharp corners of the swinging doors that kept 
     swinging in (right before I stood up) and then got whacked in the 
     eyeball with the end of a bungie cord as my helpful friend whipped 
     that sucker around to secure the center divider with a bungie cord.  
     Linda-Cathrine and Magic Jake
     Seattle, WA
     Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 10:52:04 +0000
     From: "Linnea Skoglund" <>
     Subject: Re: It only takes a few seconds...
     Well, looks like it is time to revive the Busted Condition Award.  
     Two entries so far
     Lucie Hess - arm fracture and dislocation
     Linda Parrish - hairline fracture of the pelvis
     Linnea (hoping not to be a contender this year)

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