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Horses bad back- advice sort.

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From: Tamara Habberley 

I have recently been spun at two vettings post ride due to hind leg lameness. After some investigation this has been attributed to  a pulled or sore muscle on the left side of my horses back just under where the back of the saddles panel rests . My horse is currentluy on three weeks box rest and will be having ultrasound therapy .vet ahs also advised me to change saddle or have it reffited as did the last ride vet .
has anyone else had same problem if so please let me know :
a. what your vet recomended as treatment.
b. wether you have had a reoccurance of the problem,
c. did you change saddles or pads, if so what are you using and has it helped .
Thank you in advance for your help!

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