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Re: Why use a saddle?

I thought I saw a photo in an endurance book (Lew Hollender's???) that
showed an Aussie man winning the Tom Quilty ride on a stallion with only
a halter---no saddle, the rider was only wearing shorts, no equipment at
all and everyone looked great.  I remember I was amazed anyone could do
so well without a saddle, I know I sure couldn't! :-)

Susan Garlinghouse

> Good question, Luc. I would like to know, if saddles are mandatory, what are
> the minimum requirements for a saddle.  I haven't found one yet that doesn't
> hurt me or my horse.  Unlike you, I need something between me and that
> backbone but I don't know how to get it right.
>   On the other hand, my daughter rides bareback most of the time. We found
> out that the show ring requires a saddle. The reason given was safety.
>    Sherman

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