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[Fwd: Re: barn sour horses]

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Dear Folks,

Hey, this is a very ON-TOPIC subject.  Let's not send it underground!!

I heard Pat once say, to spend an hour at home doing groundwork.  Then, ride a mile from your house.  Get off the horse and sit down and read a book, and eat an apple.  Give the horse the apple core when you are done.  Ride back home and do another hour of ground stuff.  (Ground play??)

Do this every day for a week, and you'll never see barn sour again.

It seemed like a simple solution.  The one time I tried it on Old Andy, he ran me home so fast that I got my first taste of a bareback canter.  That was a long time ago.  Cooper thinks going is fun and has no trouble with it.

Good luck.

The Rocking H
Lander, WY  USA
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