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Slypner shoe dilemma

OK - anybody out there who uses Slypner shoes, I sure could use your help. I decided to try a set three weeks ago. Got my open-minded farrier to put them on, and he succeeded. Everything was fine for two weeks, then last week on a long training ride, I lost one insert, and proceeded to mash the shoe up pretty well before I knew it was gone. Got a new base plate and 4 new soles, called the farrier, and he came and put new soles all around plus replaced the one damaged base plate. This was in the nick of time since I am going in this horse's first 30 mile CTR on Saturday. I took her on a short training ride yesterday and noticed that the sole on the new shoe was coming loose. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to seat in correctly. Called the farrier. He spent 2 hours trying to get it to fit (note: nothing unusual about this foot compared to the others - a very round, regular foot and the shoe required almost no shaping). The bottom line is, the insert is in there, but doesn't look super tight like the others. I've got two days to fix the problem, and my farrier is now on strike. I'm trying to find another farrier who will put a new plate on and start over, but may not be able to in two days. If I can't get a shoer, I see my options as:
1. Duct tape the hell out of it and hope for the best
2. Get an easy boot and put it over the whole foot (never used one, not sure how to trim it, fit it, etc.)
3. Forfeit the ride (total bummer - we are so ready to do this in every other way).

My mare loves these shoes - floats on air in them. I love the added traction on rocks and pavement, but I can't stand riding around constantly worrying about getting a 'flat tire.' Once I get through this shoeing cycle, I'll probably go back to regular shoes, but I desperately want to get to this ride, and I can't put on totally new shoes until she has more hoof growth.

If you use Slypners, what would you do? Any other options I haven't thought of? If you think the easy boot is a good choice, how do I make sure it won't bloody her heels, and how do I get the right size to go on over the shoe?

Thanks in Advance - 
Chelle in Vermont and Dy (but I love my Air Jordans!)

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