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Re: Slypner shoe dilemma


My experience with Slypners is if they fit right out of the box they are
wonderful.  If you have to do much shaping then the inserts won't stay
in for a damn.  

I could take them out of the box and put on Misty and had no problems. 
But on the other horses the Farrier had to some shaping and the inserts
would stay in worth a damn.  I to liked the shoe, but I became too
frustrated with losing inserts with Jordy that I stoped using them


> My mare loves these shoes - floats on air in them. I love the added traction on rocks and pavement, but I can't stand riding around constantly worrying about getting a 'flat tire.' Once I get through this shoeing cycle, I'll probably go back to regular shoes, but I desperately want to get to this ride, and I can't put on totally new shoes until she has more hoof growth.
> If you use Slypners, what would you do? Any other options I haven't thought of? If you think the easy boot is a good choice, how do I make sure it won't bloody her heels, and how do I get the right size to go on over the shoe?

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