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Re: ride fees

In a message dated 7/7/98 9:56:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< I have a different opinion.  I prefer the riders to preregister.  We
 have large rides (100+) so that if they all had to register at the ride,
 the line would be too long and time consuming.  As it is, all the
 riders' packets are ready, in a box in alphbetical order and they just
 have to pick it up without having to wait in a line unless for some
 reason their entry is incomplete (failed to sign liability, still owe
 money, etc.)  The riders even take a vet in priority number and these
 numbers are called in lots of 10 so that there is minimal waiting to vet
 in.  Of course, the rider gets a full refund if they do not start or do
 not show.  I don't require a note from their mother either (although I
 appreciate a call to let me know they are not coming).
 That's what so great about the different rides-- every mananger gets to
 handle their rides whichever way suits them.  And the riders get to vote
 by attending the rides if they like the way the rides are run.
 Terry Woolley Howe
 San Diego

I guess this is why everyone raves about what great rides Terry puts

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