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gun holster

Hey all, not to start the great gun debate back up either, (but it was fun
and a LOT of cool convesation has since come of it!!:-))

but if you are looking for something a tad more comfortable, try either an
ankle or thigh holster. I have used each. 
The trouble with the shoulder holster is that I worry if I fall off and
land on that side, what damage will/could be done to my ribs. I nearly
broke some ribs once just landing on my arm, I can't imagine what would
happen if I landed on my gun!!  

WIth the thigh holster, it's in plain view, it's pointed away from rider
and horse, and with some holsters, you can fire without having to draw the
weapon from the holster!!  cool huh???

with the ankle holster, you can have it on either the inside or to the outside, but if you are in a lot of heavy
undergrowth, this is possibly NOT the best way to carry.  

I suggest you get cozy with the nearest gun dealer and they will generally
let you try them on for size and see how they feel with a (non loaded) gun
about the size of yours in the holster!!

good luck and happy and safe packin'

Samm C. Bartee
SE region
(female and proud of it):-)))

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