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Re: New electrolyte regimen

In a message dated 98-07-07 03:26:38 EDT, writes:

<< Angie.. I suggest based on the doseage recommendations you are a bit too
 lite --- >>

ALL horses are individuals--I have seen horses both over and under-
electrolyted.  You have to know your horse, and also base your dose on what he
is drinking and eating that day, as well as the ambient conditions.  Some very
efficient and voracious eaters and drinkers turn in outstanding performances
in great shape with little or no electrolytes, even in fairly extreme
circumstances (and quit eating and/or drinking with administration of them,
causing them to do worse), while other horses are dead in the water (no pun
intended) without massive doses.  I find so-called "dosage recommendations" to
be a very alarming concept--dosage is something you work out for your
individual horse as you work your way up through the ranks, so that you have
it figured out as best you can by the time you are going farther, faster, and
more frequently.

Heidi Smith, DVM

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