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re: Carbo'simple versus complex

Sarah wrote:
> Basically Sandy and I decided she went into
> acute electrolyte imbalance-not a classic tie up. I blame myself for
> pushing too much electrolytes then not supplmenting when I got in

How much electrolytes did you give? How often? What do you mean by
"not supplmenting when I got in"? Supplimenting with what?

Last ride I tried a different scheme. I gave 1/2 the dosage after every 
really good drink which averaged out to be 1/2 dose every 2 hours or 12
miles. (Good, plentiful water sources were spaced about 12 miles apart.)
I gave a full dose before the ride and 1/2 dose about 1 hour post ride.
I gave 1/2 dose 3 days preceeding the ride also. This scheme worked well
for my horse. He drank well throughout and finished with really good vet
scores (for him). This is my horse's first season and was only his 3rd 50.
My intent was to provide more of a consistent level of electrolytes 
thoroughout and it seemed to work for my horse. This scheme is much 
different from what I used with my previous horse. Each horse is an
individual and each ride is a learning experience. BTW, I used the
LyteNow electrolytes.

Ellen Osinski
Boise Idaho

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