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RE: Klickitat Trek

Ah, so that was the person.  My fiance was the guy in the pickup.  Glad to 
hear he is ok.  I rode the ride but didn't see him.  Certainly wouldn't be 
shouting at him to get out of the way!  Definitely not kosher endurance 
riding etiquette.

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From:	MCShasa []
Sent:	Monday, July 06, 1998 3:02 PM
Subject:	Klickitat Trek

Just finished a slow 25 at Klickitat Trek and had a wonderful time.  Good
trails, nice scenery, well organized, etc.  My partner didn't have such a
good time.  This was his first endurance race, he was riding one of my
horses and really looking forward to it.  He does a lot of walk-gallop and 
do a lot of trotting so we weren't riding together.  At about 22 miles he
lost a stirrup at a gallop and went sailing off the horse.  Landed on his
head and rolled, cracking a rib and getting fairly well banged up.  He
hobbled down the trail about 1.5 miles until he hit a creek and a road.  He
was getting dizzy by then and it looked like a good place to wait for help.
During this time he was passed by over a dozen riders, headed back into
camp.  Half the riders asked how he was and promised to send help back and
half the riders shouted "get out of the way".  He doesn't know how long he
sat there until a pickup came down the road and stopped.  He asked for help
and they drove him back to camp.  One of them led his horse in also.  Very
nice people.  I was waiting at the finish line, getting anxious when he 
driving in.  Not one of the riders that had passed him had notified anyone
that there was an injured rider on the trail!!

His injuries were not real serious and he is recovering fine.  But he sure
isn't impressed with endurance riders.  I am disappointed also.  I know we
can get competitive as the finish gets near but to leave an injured rider
alone and fail to notify anyone to get help is inexcusable.

I thought we were better people than this.

Barb (& Mac, whjo waited patiently with Wm)

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