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Fwd: Lymes disease


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I have received a positive lab result for lymes in my horse. Falky.  You in
the east  know the erratic late sumner, fall and spring I have had with Falky.
High pulse at the end of a ride,  in the middle of a ride,  tightening of his
jaw muscles,  lame before a ride ?of where, and sound the next day at the
vets.   Some of the best vets have looked him over and  shook their heads.  I
had a few suggest a test for Lymes and  laughed it off as the local vet's
said there were no cases  of positive lymes .  

Now I need information on the disease as it affects horses.  Falky is on a 10
day course of oral antibiotics BID  Does lymes affect  horses like it does
humans?  Is it milder ?  What is the prognosis?  Any info would be greatly
appreciated.   Thanks, Pat Oliva

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