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Wanted: Place To Live - Swap For Work

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From: Susie Wimberly 

Location: Western Pennsylvania.

Do you need a hand at your farm.

If you have caretaker's quarters (room to let, empty trailer, barn apartment), I will barter rent for work on your establishment including: livestock care, horse care, barn work, tractor mowing, yard work, fence repair, exercising horses, training, etc.

Arrangements will include a basic shelter for one person, and a pasture with run-in shelter or stall for my gelding.

I am training my registered Arabian gelding for endurance and competitive trail.  I need a rural area to work him in.

E-mail Susie at
Call Susie at home/ofc (412) 741-1446.

Susie is single female, of legal age, no stable vices.

Serious inquiries only please.


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