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Re: horselights

In a message dated 98-07-01 23:19:17 EDT, you write:

>In what little night riding I've done, I've found flashlights useless for
>anything other than searching for markers.

I have to agree with you here, along with the people who insist on riding with
their headlamps on......ruins your night vision and you get "seasick" from all
the bouncing shadows.....

>  At the last 100, I fell in behind two riders who had the nifty lights that
mount to the
>breastcollars, and those were the most useful headlights I've seen.  They
>threw a nice even light out about 4 feet ahead of the horse, enough to
>let the rider watch for obstacles. 
> Now, I just got to thinking, aren't horses suppossed to be terribly far
>sighted?  So, are we lighting up the range where they cannot see well,
>thus blinding them to the area where their eyes are naturally focused? 
>Anybody have experience with using these a lot.  Theories are one thing,
>but proof is in the pudding.

I believe you are taking about the small flourescent "camp lights" that I
mentioned a while ago on ridecamp.  They are great.....puts out a soft glow
that does not affect your night vision or make harsh shadows.  Does not seem
to affect the horse's night vision either.......  I love my light.  Gives me
much more confidence in riding at night, especially since most of our Southern
100's are in the winter when the days are short...  :-)  Even the ride vets
like the light, makes it easier to write on the scorecards, instead of trying
to juggle a flashlight.

Cindy Bell
Greenville, Florida

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