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O.K. Since we're all so quiet lately, this might be a good time to ask a
question I've been curious about.

In what little night riding I've done, I've found flashlights useless for
anything other than searching for markers.  At the last 100, I fell in
behind two riders who had the nifty lights that mount to the
breastcollars, and those were the most useful headlights I've seen.  They
threw a nice even light out about 4 feet ahead of the horse, enough to
let the rider watch for obstacles. 

 Now, I just got to thinking, aren't horses suppossed to be terribly far
sighted?  So, are we lighting up the range where they cannot see well,
thus blinding them to the area where their eyes are naturally focused? 
Anybody have experience with using these a lot.  Theories are one thing,
but proof is in the pudding.  Those guys made better time than I did.

Angie & Kaboot

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