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>He suggested 2.5mg (tablespoon) per day and sold me a 
>pound?? for $33.50.
>Is there a more economical source?

John, just a word of warning.  I asked one horse vet here if the fact
that my riding pardner had started giving selenium had anything to do
with the fact that his hooves went to pot.  I knew one sign of selenium
overdose is poor coat, and made sense to me that coat & feet would go
together.  He said, No way.  You couldn't really overdose them.  I knew
that selenium is toxic in large amounts, so I went and researched it. 
Sure enough, too much selenium is terrible for hoof quality.  Another
friend's horse had started having horizontal separations in the hoof
wall.  I told him I thought it was because of the selenium he was giving.
Then we got a copy of Michael Plumb's Horse Journal and it had an article
with pictures that looked exactly like my friend's horse's hooves as an
illustration of overdosing.  

I know Selenium is important...but be careful.  Also, the shelf life I've
heard is very short, (maybe someone will correct me if I'm wrong) so I
would be careful about buying large amounts.  Back in 1988 when I bought
some, it was in a powder and the recommended dosage size scoop was tiny,
seems like about 1/2 tsp.  Then, last time we bought crumbles.  The
horses ate it much better, but it took lots more.

Remember, if you buy a commercial grain, it probably has selenium added. 
Don't forget to factor that in.

Angie & Kaboot


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