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Re: Torque

>And this brought me to another thought.  Remember GM's 1980's
> GM diesel car engines?  Anyone out there get stuck with one?

My brother bought one of those cars.  I don't remember what happened to
it, but what about the 1980's truck deisels?  I've heard lots bad about
them in general, then my dad bought an 82 3/4 ton Chevy deisel custom van
with over 100,000 miles on it.  Runs like a top.  I borrow it every
chance I get to haul to rides.  Had another rider comment that he'd had
two trucks with the same engine..."Not a lot of power, but they'll run
forever".  Used it to haul to Gee Creek, about 6 hrs. of hauling,  (O.K.
lots of turns, etc.) and I think I used about $7 in fuel.  

Angie McGhee 

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