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re: feeding fats, Dr. R speaks

Hi, gang,

	I was just talking to Dr. Ralston via e-mail a couple of days ago
privately on this very subject and since she gave me permission to forward
this to one of the debaters on the subject I don't think she would mind the
rest of the group seeing it (at least I hope not) since they've been
conducting their debates publicly.  Keep in mind that Sarah is currently
at an endurance ride and therefore won't be able to respond to any 
questions probably until next week.  Here goes:

> >	Thanks for the info.  My question is have any studies been done
> >which indicate greater endurance for horses that have been supplemented
> >with fat?  Ti suggested that there have not been any studies showing
> >that and that fat supplementation was useless.  
> His beloved Dr. Potter did a number studies demonstrating some benefits in
> relatively long term exercise (1-2 hours) but not in reining type work
> (anaerobic). Pagan and his crew have reported benefits in aerobically
> woking horses too (don't have time right now to dig those out). Orme et al
> (1997) reported that fat supplementation increased the eficiency of fatty
> acid utlization in aerobically trained thoroughbreds, (British Journal of
> Nutrition 78:443-458) (a reference I doubt if ti would pick up). Another
> one he missed was Danielsen et al (1995) in a paper entitled Effect of diet
> on weight and plasma variables in endurance exercised horses (Equine vet J
> suppl 18:372-377) in which they concluded" The increased water intake and
> lower plasma protein (ie: less dehydration) associated with the hay type
> diet may be beneficial for horses involved in endurance type exercise". The
> horses fed the hay diet (free choice grass hay and 2.2 lbs of 12% pellet
> twice a day) also maintained better blood potassium levels during exercise
> than those on the limited hay diet (5.5 lbs pellet and 4.4 lbs hay fed
> twice a day). They were exercised for a total of 2hr45 min at rates
> analogous to our endurance type paces. Very interesting study!! (if you
> want to forward this to ti you can....).

> Sarah

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