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Endurance saddle

 	I found a used endurance saddle for sale at my local tack store - it's
 wide tree caught my eye.  I had never heard of the brand, but wanted a
 saddle to  trail ride in to save my newly bought, carefully shopped for
 dressage saddle.  My horse loves it.  I love it and I haven't ridden in
 anything else since I brought it home to try it out.  It is from the
 Marciante Saddle & Leather Co, Inc. 1 (800)684-7433.  It is very light
 weight - I can swing it onto my mare with one arm.  It is very close
 contact - even more so than my dressage saddle.  It seems easy on my
 horse's back as she is very content in it.  I stay centered and
 comfortable.  I also love the western-style buckle girth that is also made
 by the same company.  Now, I am selling my western show saddle to buy the 
 western version of the Marciante.  I don't plan on riding in anything else
 in the future!

    Check it Out!    

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