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Re: new sport saddle

In a message dated 98-07-01 13:45:51 EDT, you write

>I just got my new sport saddle today.  Does the bulky feeling under the legs
>go away as the leather breaks in?


No.......the "bulky feeling" under your legs is from those horrible stirrup
leathers the saddle comes with.
They create too much bulk where they bend over the D-ring under the flap.
Get rid of them and get some Biothane stirrup leathers.   Sportack and Karen
Chaton both sell these.....they are great.  I also got the Biothane "Quick-
Cinch"...... removes more of the bulk under your leg.  I did not have to
remove the protective leathers.  Have been riding with this setup for 3 years,
over 1,000 AERC miles, successfully competing in 100's and 50's.  

Cindy Bell
Wameco....(Loves his Sport Saddle......good thing, 'cause Mom can't go back to
riding in a "treed" saddle!)

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