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RE: Cheapest and best riding tights ever!

Sorry for the me too but, me too!!  I love these tights.  I bought them when
I was pregnant and they were wonderful all the way up to delivery waist
size!  I still wear them, they bounced right back to original size, now if
only I can too <grin>  They are a really good quality, comfortable tight
better than some other more expensive breeches I have.  Now I think I need
to order some more in the colors I don't have (don't tell my husband ; )

Take care all!


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> Sorry this took so long.  I meant to post earlier but I was
> having trouble with .
> I have been using the "Ladies & Children's riding tights" by
> Devon-Aire as sold by State Line Tack.
>  I have been wearing the same two pair for over two seasons and
> they are still going strong.
> They only cost $29.90, and look great!  They are item #6E-640571.
> The cotton/lycra tights come in Black, Sea blue, Beige and
> Hunter.  To order call 1 800-228-9208.
> ( I hope this came out.  My computer still has a mind of its own.)
> Nina Vasiliev

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