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Re: Performance Profiling at the Manitoba Ride

Dear Riders,

We have had a great many riders asking us to attend more endurance rides
for the Performance Profiling on endurance horses.  Myna Cryderman has
graciously invited Mike Lindinger and I to attend the Manitoba ride for
this purpose.  Performance Profiling involves taking blood samples and
body weights during the ride to determine how well your horse is doing and
the effectiveness of the management of the horse before, during and after
the ride.  Many riders have found ways to improve their horse's
performance and recovery as a result of the information that can be
obtained during the ride. Knowing how best to manage your horse for an
endurance ride can be a big step towards obtaining optimal performance
while minimizing health problems.  

Sweat samples can also be obtained and analyzed so
that you may see the changes in sweat electrolyte concentrations in your
own horse. We have found some horses that are not "average" in their sweat
electrolyte losses and may benefit from individualized supplementation.

Many of you have been in previous research studies that Mike and I
completed in the past or have seen some of the information we have
obtained as a result of this research. We now have well over 350 horses
that we have "profiled" during rides.

There are limited research dollars that can be used for this, therefore,
it is necessary that riders cover the cost of the analysis, expenses and
the individualized reports that will be generated.

If you are going to the Manitoba ride and would like to
participate or to find out more about the Performance Profiling, please
contact me at:

I will send an information package back to you, so as to not clutter the
list for others.  

If you know of others not on the list that may be interested, please 
let them know and they can contact me at
519-824-4120, extension 4870, during office hours, or at 
519-822-2193 and leave a message, outside of office hours.

Gayle Ecker
Mike Lindinger

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