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difficult decision

This Extraordinary Filly will be an exceptional endurance horse. 

She has very correct confirmation, has an excellent attitude and is very
people oriented.  I have had her loose on the trail with me,  and she was
incredible, taking off down the trail, exploring every turn.  Even at 9
months, she wanted to lead, it didn't matter where as long as we were
moving.  She has been raised on very rough pasture, short hills, very

We are in Cleburne, Texas, a little South of Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex.

Please, this is not to start any preservationist discussion. 

We have made a personal decision regarding 'the big picture' and 'long
term' and it breaks my heart to let this filly go.  

Offered FOR SALE:

0549736	HHCC Eowyn Dax	06/30/97

This Filly is a rare combination.

It is not often that a Rare Bedouin Mare is crossed with the Proven
Champions of Today's Top Arabian Blood.  This Unusual Breeding, to a
Stallion outside the BLUE STAR Group, is not likely to be repeated with
this mare.  

We are beginning a Preservationist Program here in Cleburne and this
Incredible Filly does not fit into our Program.

about the Stallion:	0458192	Chekmate
	This extraordinary Stallion combines the blood of such 'Greats' as
*Naborr, *Bask, and Witez II (x3), just to name a few. 

about the mare:	0440963 AAS Shahin Shahil
This mare is one of a Rare Group Classified as a BLUE STAR 
Not only does she trace in ALL LINES back to the Desert of Saudi Arabia,
She is bred, according to the Bedouin Traditions in the Hamdani Strain. 
She has the pure and undiluted blood that served as the foundation for the
INCREDIBLE Arabian Horses we have in the World Today. 
This is your chance to RETURN to the SOURCE.

detailed explanation and more information, including pictures,  about the
BLUE STAR horses, can be found at the Bedouin Source Web Site at

For more information about Eowyn, please contact:
Becky Huffman	817/558-7828

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