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Re: DeSoto Saddles wrote:
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> From: Fern Bailey
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> Hi Ya'll! been searching for a comfy saddle for my wide appy mare and have stumbled onto the DeSoto custom made saddle. Does anyone know if these saddles are actually comfortable and truly custom made? The price seems reasonable at under $1000. I am particularly concerned that there NOT BE ANY EXTRA THICKNESS between my thighs and my horse. In other words, the skirts, leathers, padding, etc. must all be minimal as possible. My mare is wide enough as it is...any wider and I'll be doin' the splits.


I have a Desoto and wouldn't ride my horses in anything else. Besides
being very comfortable for them...and it was custom made for them, it's
absolutely great for me as well!

You'll have to try it on your mare and see about the fit. It doesn't
have extra stuff in the way between you and the horse. I thought I'd
have to get rid of the western style fenders that Marilyn sticks on
them, but have left them in place because they are thin. I used to ride
in a Crosby before and liked that close contact thing, but the Desoto
doesn't sacrifice the close contact feel with the fenders it has.

The Desoto's tree distributes the riders' weight very well. Again,
you'll have to try the saddle on because it was custom made for another

Happy Tails,


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