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Re: need help

One other little tip:

I too, am a proponent of soaked beet pulp..feed it every feeding...also
add oil, and yes, it soaks it up..mostly. To aid & enhance that, I add
an ounce of stablilized rice bran (Natural Glo)'s extremely palat-
able and just helps turn that corner from good to very, very good!
(used to feed just rice bran...very expensive with a horse in training..
found huge containers of corn oil at very good price in Ocala... now 
use lots of corn oil, lots of beep pulp  and not so much rice bran...
but what I do use, adds to the palatibility. Yummmmm.

 Eating changes some at rides...bring more Natural Glo to the takes up a LOT of water....I always feed a wet feed...they
love it...make it soupy.

Good luck.


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