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Volunteers, was vet check question

  Since I'm the one that started this thread...I need to tell a story about
the ride this weekend.  It was very hot and humid in Augusta Ga at the Liberty
Run ride.  One of the other P&R people asked me to take a pulse on a horse
that just entered the vet check.  He said he couldn't hear the pulse for the
respirations.  The horse was still quite elevated, so I told the rider that
his horse wasn't down and he would have to try again later.  It turns out that
he had all his stuff right outside the P&R gate.  And looking over, we noticed
his horse thumping.  We went over and informed him of this and suggested that
he electrolyte his horse.  One of the helpers went and helped him dose his
horse and finish cooling him out.  He came back into the P&R area with 1
minute to spare on his 30 minutes.  The horse was down and currently not
thumping.  He went into the vet box, I went up and informed the vet what had
gone on.  He passed the vet check.  Now he is the good part.  This guys name
was (Oh I hope I have this right!) Ed Roley?  (he is on-line, please write and
let me know for sure the spelling) he went out late, in no big hurry.  Took a
long time around the next loop.  Brought the horse in, and it looked great!
Pulse was quite low, around 52.  This man took care of his horse.   When I
told him how good he looked he says "he didn't ask to come down here".  Sad
part was after the next loop he came up lame.  It was really a shame as he had
really done a good job with this horse only to have him come up lame.  


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