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Just a note from a newbie viewpoint :

I have just gotten started in this sport and would love to volunteer at a
ride in order to help and  learn more, HOWEVER, when I called the ride
manager listed for the first local ride, I was told in no uncertain terms
that they had PLENTY of volunteers and my help would not be needed.

I have shown dogs for the last seven years and know that in most clubs and
organizations that without plenty of volunteers that will actually show up
and work, that  most functions would not be able to continue.

This person probably did not mean to offend me by doing this, but I will
sure think twice before ever volunteering at her ride again.
If anyone else would like some help from an enthusiastic beginner, please
let me know.

By the way, even though I was not able to compete at this ride, I still went
on Friday and Saturday, hung out, watched, learned ALOT, and met some really
nice people.

Ogden, UT

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