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Re: Treeless saddles


You put those of us who have ordered saddles in a very difficult position.
You announce on ride camp that the old model turns out to be not so good and
you are going to change it, but that you are going to fill the orders already
placed with the saddle that is not so good.  I don't think so!!!

I would like to know what came out in the survey and what changes are going to
be made so that I can decide whether I want the old model, the new model or
nothing at all.  With an announcement like you made on ridecamp the original
model will be worthless for resale.  You owe the courtesy of some kind of
notification to the people who have already ordered the Softrider Saddle.  How
did it go from being wonderful to being discontinued with a survey that those
who have already ordered saddles have not seen.

A survey will always turn up lots of different opinions.  You can't always
please everyone.  Are you sure that you have given this sufficient thought
before you self destruct on the softrider saddle??  Not everybody likes the
same kind of saddle.  If you discontinue your saddle and start over everytime
someone comes up with a criticism, you will never get anywhere.  You will make
a change and then people won't like that change.  I am not saying that you
should not be responsive to change, but you have to think about it for a while
before you do and say things that will have farreaching consequences.  If
there are criticisms in a survey of the new model, will it also quickly be
discontinued??  Who will believe you when you say that your saddle is great
and then you are so quickly and easily convinced yourself that it is not.  I
like the idea of your saddle and I hate to see you self destruct. Please send
me a copy of this survey.

Debby Lyon

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