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Treeless saddles

The Soft Rider Saddle has been discounitinued. We are coming out with a
much more desired modele. All the survayes have shown us there was room
for change. The saddles ordered will be producded like they were
ordered. But the surveyes have shown us they need to be changed.
We will also come up with a different Name for it. This is not a
publicity stunt, we just know from the  letters that a change is
required. In about 1 month you will be able to see the new and improved
model.. Thanks again for all the imput about this treeless saddle. We
hope this new model will be much more superierour to the other model.
All guarentees will still be inforced as to the other model. All the
surveys were very instrumental in bring about this change.
Rebecca--Underwood Enterprizes--1-541-826-9668
Home of a treeless saddle even though we don't know what we are going to
call it

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