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Re: Crash Test-long

I say I have to agree with the sentiments on dogs and horses. I like a
well behaved dog as well as anyone, but the only time I have been
unhorsed was when a husky type dog went for my stallion's tail at JD's
ride a couple of years ago. I was nearly through the 30 mile (I know,
small peas) and the horse was in great shape coming out of the last vet
check. Not only did I take a good hit on the ground, my horse wrenched
his back and instead of an A on back he got a C in his final vet. He had
an A or B out of the last check. I was pretty darn mad at the kids whose
dog it was since they made NO effort to help me or the horse and I let
them know. THe mom came out and yelled at the kids ( :) )to get the dog.
I think I am lucky that Aly didn't try anything funny when he caught up
to the next horse, and I am very glad that this nice person from VT
brought him back . Well, Aly talks a lot but he doesn't do much. Typical
stallion.... :)
OH, I also face the dogs when i can. It does scare them a lot. 
Desert Storm Arabians
1156 Hightop Rd #89            
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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