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navicular disease?

Well, here's the low down on ol' Pro....

last fall we found a bone chip in the fetlock, he did 2 30's and seemed
fine, till about 2 weeks after the last one.  It's been several months
now that he's been ever so *slightly* off....

Took him in today, and they did a full set of foot xrays....the vet
thinks it could possibly be navicular, which he says is pretty rare in
arabs.....seems he has lots of holes in the bone...

They will do a bone scan tommorow, shoulder to hoof, and then we will
know for says if it shows nothing, that's good, and he
probably only has sore heels....don't I hope!

Just curious, anyone ever managed to get a navicular (cross my fingers
that it isn't) horse back to endurance?  I know that I have heard of
several nerved horses competing.  My surgeon didn't sound too keen on
the nerving thing...

Ah well, nothing to do but fret about it till I get the results on Sat
morning, just hoping to hear some success stories from someone.....


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