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Re: AERC Bylaws Suggestions

Your references are some what outdated.  Actually Bylaws are within the
province of the Bylaws Committee.   Maybe that's why they named it so.

After receiving input, the Bylaws committee will make a full report to
other committees and Directors so they can make an informed decision. 
Eventually AERC members are given the opportunity to review the pros and
cons, then vote their opinion.  That's the way it works, Bob, it's
called democracy.


Robert Morris wrote:
> Ramey:
> <<<Is it your suggestion that this issue be deleted from the bylaws and
> > only appear in AERC rules?>>>>
> It is my suggestion that those desiring this change present it to the AERC
> Rules Committee in the proper form as prescribed by the AERC Procedures
> with supporting documentation and/or data. The wheels of change (or no
> change) can then grind along in the proper manner.

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