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Re: AERC Bylaws Suggestions

In a message dated 98-05-21 11:06:30 EDT, writes:

<< Hi Jerry,
 Thanks for the thoughts re Internet Board meetings.  Most Board members
 agree that face-toface debate is best.  The problem is the Board only
 meets twice a year but the national and regional issues that come up are
 constant.  If we have to have a  conference call, the cost is in excess
 of $1,000 (obviously these are not routine).  The only other alternative
 is voting by mail, and again, the "personal touch is lost,"  but it
 takes less staff time, costs less and is much faster.
 Thanks again for the input, any other suggestions?
 Ramey >>

Although Ramey's points here are all constructive, this still does not address
the problem of whether or not all Board members are on the Internet (does
Ramey know?) or whether this would become a limiting factor in the future
(gee, too bad this new director is not on the Internet--we now have a
precedent of doing business this way...)  As a relative newcomer to the Net
myself, I can still remember how offensive it was when others assumed that
"everyone" was on the Net!

Heidi Smith, DVM--Sagehill Arabians (Oregon)

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