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We've had it in VT also.  It may recur in a week or two. The cough
lasted over a week.....the Vet said the Virus would last a WEEK
with his care and 7 days without (ha).

John and Meshack (VT)

"hmmm...this talk of a NV virus makes me wonder if that's not the same virus
that's currently running around up here in Northern New York too. It's an
airborn virus.  symptoms:  raised temps (101-104) with a productive cough
and snots.  it lasts only about 48 hours.  in our barn of 35 or so horses,
had about 12 come down with it so far.  luckily my two haven't gotten it,
though horses on both sides of my 2 year old filly have come down with it."

Mary in NY

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