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RE: Muscle Atrophy????

One possible cause of asymmetrical atrophy in muscles of the hindquarters
and hard to pin down lameness is EPM. There's lot's of other possibilities
but this one comes to mind.

Bonnie Snodgrass

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> My horse was recently examined during her biannual vaccinations.  The vet
> who examined her, mentioned he noticed some "atrophy" in the hind section.
> I had noticed some slight stiffness a few weeks back, that I characterized
> as what appeared to be some stiffness or arthritis.  
> I have pretty a thick Vet handbook at home and only found a generic
> definition for the word "atrophy", as "a decrease in size or wasting away
> or a body part or tissue."
> Upon further research, I am wondering if the vet meant either "stringhalt"
> or "springhalt" or "myopathy".  However, upon reading the causes for
> either of these I cannot begin to fathom what would cause her to develop
> these ailments.
> Anyway, my horse is a 12 year old quarterhorse, who is used for moderate
> trail use and gets daily turnouts.
> Is anyone reading this message familar with a similar situation or the
> ailments listed above?  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.  I want to
> be sure about what the cause is BEFORE developing a case of paranoia.
> Thanks
> JB

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